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5A1AL Qsl info

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5A1AL DL1AL 2013    DL7VRG
W5UE 2016  From 30 Jul 2016 Now using LoTW too, he says  ZL2IFB
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W5UE's Address
Randy Becnel, P.O. Box 170, Kiln, MS 39556-0170, USA

Note from G4WWG    [12 Jul 2020]

Used OQRS Aug 2019 and received card / LOTW in July 2020. Took a few emails to Abubaker before he replied. Thanks 5A1AL for the contact and confirmation.

Note from UT7KF    [14 Feb 2019]

I am received after several reminders QSL via Germany. TNX.

Note from SP6NZ    [26 Sep 2018]

Today received QSL. Mail sent from Germany.

Note from SP6NZ    [09 Sep 2018]

Finally today received LOTW confirmation

Note from SP6NZ    [30 Aug 2018]

Send 5$ by paypall several months ago. No QSL no LOTW even Clublog uppdated often. Seems QSO with 5A1AL wasting time. Previous service W5UE was fair and fast. Pitty.

Note from LA9FFA    [13 Jun 2018]

Now LoTW ok, And Qsl card on its way. Very unstaable mail services in Libya. But Abubaker is doing his best,Under very unstaable and dangerous conditions.

Note from LA9FFA    [10 Jun 2018]

Sent 5$ via paypal 17 april 2018,Sent several emails and still no answer. No card and no LoTW. Made a complaint to Paypal today.Lets see how it goes.

Note from UT7KF    [11 Dec 2017]

10.05.2017 i paid through via Pay Pal $5. Notified about this 5A1AL. It's been 7 months ... No answer. Neither QSL ... UT7KF

Note from UR7ZO    [07 Aug 2017]

I sent through the Paypal (ClubLog) on June 30 and July 19 already received a card, and yesterday received confirmation in the LOTW

Note from LA9VDA    [06 May 2017]

Received 5A1A qsl from Abubaker.
I used elzo71@yahoo.com and Paypal.

Note from AA9GR    [26 Apr 2017]

I worked him 3 times and got 1 QSL in 3 weeks (he has to have them hand carried to Germany because of the poor mail in 5A land). The other QSO’s I request LoTW and had them matched with my LoTW upload within days!

Note from DH5MM    [08 Jan 2017]

you must also pay for LoTW

Note from F5TJC    [16 Jul 2016]

The mail elzo71@yahoo.com is not good for 5A1AL;
How have the good one ?

73 from Jean-Louis

Note from DL5RDI    [19 May 2016]

5A1AL is a 100% QSLer (follow his instructions on his QRZ.com-site).

!!! All QSOs with him are valid for DXCC !!!!

Note from SP6BXZ    [25 Jun 2015]

I sent € 3.00 via PayPal. Not a whole two months I received a QSL from 5A1AL

Note from DF4NW    [13 Mar 2015]

I have received a QSL from 5A1AL for a QSO on 10.08.2013, 13:47 UTC, 18.086 MHz.
Payment €10 was sent via PayPal.

Note from SP6OJK    [09 Jan 2015]

Same situation... I send money via Paypal many weeks ago.. no qsl no answer on my e-mails...

Note from DL5RDI    [21 Nov 2014]

Got my QSL after sending money per paypal and SASE AND a few Emails :-)
Unfortunately 5A1AL does NOT count for DXCC because Abubaker does not provide any information to DXCC desk :-(((( I hope one day he changes his minde !!

Note from CT1FFB    [04 Nov 2014]

Sent $2 to DL1AL and untill today no QSL received!!!

Note from UT5UGR    [29 Jul 2014]

$$$ collector. Send 3 Euros via PayPal. He asked me also send SASE. I did mail it to his address in Germany and Libya. NEVER GET HIS QSL! Be aware!

Note from DF2AJ    [01 May 2014]

Same with me. No card received till now..

Note from PA3C    [21 Apr 2014]

Abu uses paypal for the money and a adress for SASE in Libya.
After sending money and SASE didn't receive my card.
I have sent another SASE to the same adress. No card.
This is an illegal operation (no license) I would say: don't bother for the qsl.

Note from IK5HHA    [22 Mar 2012]

OQRS: http://www.w5ue.net/qsl-w5ue.html

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