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A71BX Qsl info

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A71BX EA7FTR 2005    EA7FTR
EA7FTR 2008  Direct or via bureau  HB9TMW
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A71BX's direct Address
Ali Ali Al-Mohannadi, P.O.Box 10801, Doha, QATAR

EA7FTR's Address
Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain

Note from ON6AT    [25 Apr 2021]

In January 2015 I applied for 2 qso's via OQRS for LT0H at EA7FTR. Never received the qsl cards. Now in 2021 I have sent 4 qsos via OQRS (VK7BO, CO2AJ, LT0H, LW3DG). Hopefully I will get something in return.

73 de ON6AT Patrick

Note from LA9FFA    [30 Jul 2016]

Nerver recived mye last qso with P29LL After 3,5 months several e-mails but no answer.This guy is not serious.I will avoid working any dx stations who uses his so called Qsl service.

Note from SQ5NRY    [03 Nov 2015]

I received a decent set of cards without problem via online oqrs. One just needs be patient enough, 2..3 months. It's not a full time job..
Cheers, Paul

Note from DL7KL    [14 Apr 2015]

Never-since years- I got any QSL from EA7FTR, guys save your money, this *HAM* is not serious. I will never work any stations again when they have this deceitful manager.

Note from W1ATV    [27 Oct 2014]

From the year 2009-2014 I have sent 13 requests for cards. I have received 7 back. What was wrong with the other 6?

Note from HB9ODP    [23 Jun 2013]

Waiting QSL for 25 QSO from 2005 to today, also emailed...

Note from AL3T    [29 Sep 2012]

Please don't work stations that uses this wrong manager service.
That's the one and only way to kick off black sheeps!

Note from SP6JOE    [20 Apr 2012]

I also sent qsl to EA7FTR via buro as well direct.And never seen any qsl from EA7FTR.
In my opinion worst QSL MGR all of the world!
It is strange how many stations like this manager!!

Note from G3DER    [23 Mar 2012]

EA7FTR only uses the Bureau to reply to Direct QSL's recieved without enough $$$ !

Note from IK5HHA    [21 Mar 2012]

OQRS: http://www.ea7ftr.es/index.php/oqrs.html

Note from F4DPT    [02 Jan 2012]

I have a little problem with EA7FTR, payment of 20 QSL cards via PayPal, and more than a month later, he told me he did not have transfers . he asks me to confirm the qso via mail and of course to put a contribution .

Attention has therefore your money

Note from DL4RAT    [06 Nov 2011]

I have never seen that EA7FTR sends a QSL card via bureau. In the past I tried this many times with no result. So I don't understand at all why some DX stations state at their qrz.com file that QSL via their manager EA7FTR is also via bureau.

Note from SP8UUO    [08 Oct 2011]

Sent via bureau a long time ago, as described in the past time, nothing received for over 40 stations. Mailed to him what to do 3 years ago, he said, he will look, if there are any unanswered, nothing heard after this
not a good service!!!

Note from G1WEV    [04 Aug 2011]

ea7ftr sends some cards so there are always happy hams to say no1 manager but his other hand lines his pockets with my and other unlucky hams dollars. ea7ftr no answer my email (many) but answer when i use an alias and want to buy dollars from him!

Note from OK1DOT    [31 May 2011]

Hi all.

I get all QSL from EA7FTR very quickly, no problem !

Note from DL8DXW    [09 Feb 2011]

After 2 weeks I received QSls from 4L0A and A73A direct from EA7FTR. No problems, excellent service! Don´t forget to send each QSL in a seperate envelope... 73 + gl

Note from DK3RED    [09 Feb 2011]

Had no problems with EA7FTR. Sended some Euros in tandem with a SASE in an normal letter and received the QSL card for A73A today. Great service! Ingo, DK3RED

Note from DL1AN    [04 Jan 2011]

Sent many many cards over the last few years but never got any back.
What about the QSL-Manager's-Society - somebody of them reading these notes?
What can be done?

Note from DO3QQ    [08 Dec 2010]

This guy just gathers Dollars for return postage but does not send any QSL-card. No response after months. Don't waste your money!

Note from SP6JOE    [23 Oct 2010]

Never receive any card from EA7FTR as buro as direct
Waste of time to send qsl to him!

Note from SQ5OBS    [20 Oct 2010]

I mailed him dozen of times, sometimes with 2 IRC's per single request and never get my cards back directly. Sometimes, but rarely he replied via buro.

Note from DL1HSW    [04 Mar 2010]

I do not work any Station who ist the Manager EA7FTR. No QSL at all.
73 Peter

Note from YO9IKW    [23 Feb 2010]

No problems with this manager. In 3 weeks qsl`s was in my hand.
Mike - YO9IKW

Note from US0KW    [17 Feb 2010]

The same problem with the manager EA7FTR!!!
I sent many times, by registered post, spent almost $ 50.
Received only Z29KM and SU9BN over 30 different callsigns...

Note from DL7ET    [12 Feb 2010]

Never got any QSL for 15 QSO wid diff. stns via EA7FTR since over 10 years!

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