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CO8LY Qsl info

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CO8LY's direct Address
Eduardo Somoano Cremati, P.O.BOX 104, Santiago De Cuba 90100, Cuba

Note from DH5MM    [09 Jun 2015]

QSL does work.
I had send QSL with Euro Coin
1) 12-FEB-2014 and get 19-MAY-2014
2) 17-JUL-2014 and get 19-NOV-2014
3) 24-JAN-2015 and get 08-APR-2015

Note from DL6HCC    [09 Apr 2015]

Great job - everything worked fine - i just received nice qsl cards from Cuba. Absolutely no problem !

Note from DL6HCC    [15 Jan 2015]

I just sent three separate envelopes to EA7ADH for three qso's including greenstamps and sase. I will keep you updated how it works - the rest of the messages doesn't really make me too hopeful.

Note from SP6NVN    [11 Dec 2014]

I did sent my QSL-Card for CO8LY on 13.02.2014 to EA7ADH sri no answer

Note from OZ4VW    [14 May 2014]

have recieved my QSL now
Tnx Arne OZ4VW

Note from OE1TGW    [18 Jan 2014]

I did sent my QSL-Card(+IRC,ASL)for CO8LY on 09.12.2013 to EA7ADH -also a e-Mail=> NO ANSWERE!!!

Note from OZ4VW    [17 Jan 2014]

And nothing recieved so far

Note from OZ4VW    [27 Nov 2013]

Sent QSL to EA7ADH one of the first days in September
Nothing so far
Not empressed
Br Arne OZ4VW

Note from W1WC    [11 Dec 2012]

Had sent 7 cards for you each with $2 to EA7ADH for QSO's since 12/23/2010 to present date and no conformation cards as of yet. Just sent a listing of the ones in question with $2 again. Could really use them for DXCC. Thanks and 73, Dave

Note from WA6DBC    [29 Sep 2012]

Sent my card with $2 direct to cuba. Received my qsl 9/29/12 with a note saying
that it had been opened and no irc or dollars inside, and that EA7ADH is the
way to qsl. Thank you Eduardo.

Note from OZ4ABH    [19 Aug 2012]

QSL recieved today 19 August 2012 with thanks

Note from OZ4ABH    [12 Aug 2012]

Sent QSL direct April 2012 - nothing recieved at August 2012

Note from AA5AU    [16 Dec 2011]

Received my QSL cards from EA7ADH in only 3 weeks. Great turnaround!

Note from IZ8ESX    [01 Dec 2011]

Sent from Cuba on October 12, 2011. Received today 1 December 2011.
Edoardo and his QSM are reliable and friendly, be patience and you will get a QSL with a nice cuban post-stamp. Happy DXing.

Note from ZL2IFB    [11 Oct 2011]

Eduardo requests QSLs direct to EA7ADH with 1 or 2 USD, as his Cuban mail arrives without cash/IRCs. GL.

Note from SP7XK    [08 Feb 2011]

Today I received a QSL, sent from Cuba 23 DEC 2010.

Note from DJ5NN    [03 Feb 2011]

I have sent him my QSL with 2 green stamps in the 1/24/2011 and in the 2/3/2011 I had the QSL from co8ly in the mailbox!
73' de Sten

Note from DJ5NN    [03 Feb 2011]

'Him' means EA7ADH. Sorry.

Note from SP7XK    [02 Jan 2011]

Sent 2 direct to EA7ADH, first in May 2007, second in Jun 2010 with IRCs.
There is no response to e-mail, and I am still waiting.

Note from F5UJK    [24 May 2010]

He say on air 18.138 SSB this day : QSL via EA7ADH...

Note from W1WC    [03 Feb 2010]

Sent 3 direct to P.O. Box 175 as per QRZ and no returns. Each time $2 except last one was $11+2 for registered mail with log. Contacts made on 16.Jan.09, 27.Mar.09 and 19.Jan.10 Was it sent to wrong address?

Note from LW8DBP    [09 Dec 2009]

Last May (2009) I send him my qsl with an IRC stamp, and I am still waiting. (December 2009)

Note from DG5JJ    [13 Mar 2009]

Easy to say :-) The stamps are much cheaper on cuba!
Got his qsl-cards also this way, is ok. TNX es vy 73 de Tom

Note from DL6CGB    [17 Jan 2008]

note from DL6CGB ( Jan. 2008 )
the address of EA7ADH is o.k. I`ve send my cards to him.
But they came back from cuba directly, I don`t know why.

Note from IZ1KGY    [17 Jun 2007]

Same problem (letter returned): 13.06.2007

Note from DJ8EW    [08 Jan 2007]

Same problem (letter returned): 08.01.2007

Note from EA7ADH    [08 Jan 2007]

You can to use the following address:

Francisco de la Serna
41710 Utrera-Sevilla

Note from K8EUR    [17 Dec 2006]

Envelope returned as undeliverable to above address 12/16/2006

Note from DK4WD    [10 Dec 2004]

Only direct, no buro.

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