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 QARTest release history

 Rel. 11.12.2 [9/12/2021]

 - Previous version broke ADIF log creation. Fixed

 Rel. 11.12.1 [5/12/2021]

 - New post-contest mode allows to quickly enter QSO in a log after contest
 - Import logs from Cabrillo (HF) and EDI (VHF & UP)
 - ADIF: additional personalized TAG(s) are now available
 - Rotors: added customizable offset for each rotator
 - EU DX Contest:
     - Added new Multi-Multi and Multi-Distributed categories
     - Updated multipliers list
 - UBA DX Contest: for DX stations multipliers are now UBA Sections instead of ON Provinces
 - INORC Contest: as per new rules, updated score calculation
 - Bug fix: in WAE RTTY during QTC RX, in case of a QTC group with less than 10 QTC there was a window crash when clikcing on the last QTC. Fixed (tnx IK4ZHH)

 Rel. 11.9.1 [30/9/2021]

 - New contests added:
    - ARRL 160 Meter Contest
    - RTTYOps WW DX Contest
 - CQWW DX Contest:
    - Added Explorer category
    - Added Youth overlay
 - WAE DX Contest: added BY call-areas to valid multipliers
 - DX Cluster: from DX Spot and Band Map windows a call can be added to a "black list" of busted calls to avoid he's
               shown again in future

 Rel. 11.7.1 [15/7/2021]

 - YOTA Contest: added call-history management + database
 - IARU: added WRTC category
 - ADIF export: added optional tags QSL_RCVD and QSL_SENT to export form
 - Updated DX Clusters list

 Rel. 11.5.1 [5/5/2021]

 - New contests added:
    - YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) Contest
    - Vintage HF Contest
 - Added Yaesu FTdx-10 to supported radios
 - RDXC Contest: Oblast automatic recognition for the latest issued russian suffixes
 - Minor bugs fixed

 Rel. 11.3.1 [11/3/2021]

 - New contests added:
    - YB DX RTTY Contest
    - YB DX SSB Contest
    - IG-RY WW RTTY Contest
    - DARC Easter Contest
    - DARC XMAS-Contest
 - Russian RDXC contest: added GRID-LOCATOR in Cabrillo header and radio number in MOST category as per the committee request
 - CQ WPX contests
    - Added new MULTI-DISTRIBUTED category in CW, SSB and RTTY sessions
    - Removed ASSISTED option from contest parameters, according to 2021 rules change in CW/SSB
 - Volta contest: added new SO 6 Hours category
 - VHF&UP: frequency offset for use with a transverter is now dynamic and separately customizable for each band
 - Operating time window (Time On/Off) is now auto-updating
 - Eurasia Contest: new multiplier window (fields)
 - Bug fix: in rtty contests, when MMTTY had AFC active, the focus was erroneously moded to the log. Fixed.
 - Bug fix: in UK/EI Contest multipliers were not shown properly. Fixed.

 Rel. 10.12.1 [29/12/2020]

 - Added EU DX Contest
 - DX Cluster: added optional offset for use with a local Skimmer
 - Radio control:
    - New Quick CAT window to send custom commands to radio
    - Revised and improved Icom radio control management
    - Polling interval is now dynamic based on Baud rate speed for faster radio responsiveness
    - Added Yaesu FT-818, FTdx-1200 and Icom IC-705
    - Elecraft K3: added audio routing management for automatic input selection (MIC/USB/Aux) for SSB with DVK and AFSK
 - SwAC Contest: added new 80m and 160m categories as per 2021 rules

 Rel. 10.10.1 [29/10/2020]

 First release in English

 - Added OK-OM DX CW Contest
 - QARTest can now use serial ports up to COM50