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7X4AN Qsl info

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7X4AN's direct Address
Mohamed Boukhiar, P.O. Box 30133, Barcelona 08080, SPAIN

Note from QRZ.COM    [27 Sep 2013]

- DIRECT QSL ONLY with Green stamp(s) and a Self-Addressed Envelope: (I am my own QSL manager).

- $1 for one card - $2 for two cards. (Please put an additional POSTAGE if you send SEVERAL CARDS ).

- The Post Office here does not accept IRC's.All the cards received with IRC's will NOT be answered.

- Please use a 'solid envelope' and put the 'green stamps' INSIDE of the SAE.

- Please put also the DETAILS of our QSO's (Call - Date - Time - MHz - RS/T- Mode) INSIDE of the envelope. THIS HELPS ME TOO MUCH.

- All QSL's cards are collected of my P.O. BOX in BARCELONA in SPAIN and are sent to me in ALGERIA in 'recommended'. This operation requires 'A period of time' but it is 'much protected'. Please be patient!

- The return of QSL's cards is made from ALGERIA not from SPAIN, and then the Spanish stamps are not accepted, since I cannot use them. Then all the cards received with Spanish stamps will NOT be answered.

- Donations always appreciated to help costs of QSL printing.

- IMPORTANT REMARK: ONLY the QSL cards received with a SUFFICIENT POSTAGE will be answered because I can not afford postage for the many hundreds of cards which come in.

- Please: no e-QSL - no LoTW - no buro.

- You can confirm a very old QSO, because I still have in my possession, almost the totality of my old logs.

- Many thanks for your understanding and your help. See you on the bands.

Note from K4LRX    [27 Feb 2012]

After a three years I received a card for a 40 meter phone contact. Here is what worked, seal your envelope with cellophane tape, send it to the address in Spain.
E mail Med. Wait.

Note from K4LRX    [30 Nov 2010]

How much time, or how many dollars does he need? I got qsos with him dating back two years. Sent dollars to him direct, no action, sent to the Spain address and still nothing. A dollar collector, write it off folks and forget the pursuit.

Note from K7RNV    [31 Aug 2010]

I made a contact with 7x4an in 24/03/10, received qsl card today 30/08/10. He is a honest ham. He said he would mail and he did..Bob

Note from 2E1AYS    [30 Oct 2009]

After getting his email ad i have had confirmation that he did not get my cards,.My advise is to email people 1st to check if they ever got your card.

Note from DG8YFM    [26 Sep 2009]

rcvd QSL in 6 weeks , tnx Mohammed 73s Herbert

Note from ON6OM    [02 Sep 2009]

Receved to day my qsl card direct.I send the card 01-01-2009, Tanks Mohamed.

Note from CT1APP    [16 Aug 2008]

It is my duty to info all ham's: I rcvd all qsl's cards 100% from 7x4an OM Mohamed.I think OM MED needs sometime to collect from spain PO BOX. Many tks OM Mohamed and my best 73.
J˙lio CT1APP

Note from F8CRS    [07 May 2008]

QSL 100% to Spanish adress. QSL received in 2 months
73 david F8CRS

Note from KB5IY    [16 Feb 2008]

Just received three cards in the postal mail today from Mohamed. The dates they were mailed in 2007: Aug 8, Oct 24, and Nov 19. 100% return. Thank You Mohamed.

Note from DO1MGN    [07 Oct 2007]

QSL 100% ok via Direct

Note from F5LCU    [07 Aug 2007]

Sent QSL in February 07, received in August 07.
He needs time to collect from Spanish P.O. BOX.

Note from 2E1AYS    [14 Jul 2007]

Hi sent QSL card with $$ but never had anything back, no email ad on QRZ is it another $$$ collector

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