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A25/V51AS Qsl info

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A25/V51AS's direct Address
Frank Steinhäuser Miersdorfer Str. 23b 15732 Schulzendorf -GERMANY-

V51AS's direct Address
Miersdorfer Str. 23b, 15732 Schulzendorf, Germany

Note from V51AS    [30 Dec 2012]

Sorry V51AS is not manager for V59PP/L. Ask president of NARL email
mullerw@mtcmobile.com.na or event-manager v51kc jackal@iway.na !
73, Frank

Note from HA1ZH     [28 Dec 2011]

Hello OMs, I sent to Frank my QSLs 16-12-2011 and I received to day 28-12-2011.
Many thanks for it!
73! de Zoli HA1ZH

Note from UY2ZZ    [14 May 2011]

Sent card in 15 Apr 2011 and already 10 May 2011 received a response.
At this time, mail worked fine.
Thank you very much Frank!


Note from YO9FNP    [04 Apr 2011]

I send my QSL card direct, via adress from QRZ.com, with 1 IRC and answear was very fast: after 10 days I have V51AS QSL card in my hands. Thank You, Frank!
Best 73,

Note from DB1LI    [07 Feb 2011]

Hi ! I had a QSO on 02.Sept.2010 an did what Frank stated on QRZ.com. Received his QSL after a few weeks. MNI TNX FR QSO ES QSL DR Frank!

Note from UY2ZZ    [29 Jan 2011]

Thanks for the info Frank, but, unfortunately, I have received nothing so far.
Well, it happens ...
May try later via Schulzendorf ...

Note from V51AS    [17 Jan 2011]

To WB6BFG: my first card sent 27/09 and a new one 48/10;
To UY2ZZ : sent my card 28/09 (week/year);

Note from V51AS    [15 Jan 2011]

Thanks to KH2AR/w4 for information.
73's Frank.

Note from KH2AR/W4    [14 Jan 2011]

QSL card for 2 QSOs in 2009 received today (14 Jan 2011) via bureau. Thanks Frank. Very happy to have your card and to confirm Namibia.

Note from IK3QAR    [13 Nov 2010]

I've just received an email from Frank who says that his new address is:
Miersdorfer Str. 23b, 15732 Schulzendorf, Germany


Note from KH2AR/W4    [02 Sep 2010]

Frank has been very active on the bands lately. I wonder if there is any news on the possibility of receiving a QSL from him? He's still my only QSO with Namibia.

Note from WB6BFG    [29 Jul 2010]

Any updates on his QSL route? I sent a card in February of 2009 and have not received anything. Would like to confirm...

Note from UY2ZZ    [11 May 2010]

Waiting direct QSL from Jan 2008(via Olching) and Jun 2009(via Ratingen).
And nothing is present...

Note from KH2AR/W4    [17 Apr 2010]

Any updates here? First we're told there will be a new address, then we're told the old address is good. QSLs/GS and emails have gone unanswered. Confusing and discouraging.

Note from IK3QAR    [06 Apr 2010]

I've just received an email from Frank who confirms that the above address in Ratingen, Germany is correct, and asked to *never* send him a letter in V5.

Paolo IK3QAR

Note from DG1CMZ    [22 Mar 2010]

Frank announced yday on 12m (21.03.10) that he will publish a new reliable mail adress in DL in next 2 weeks. I got all my QSOs confirmed about 1,5years ago via the german adress in Ratingen (not valid anymore).

Note from IV3CIS    [29 Jan 2010]

sorry for that.
The cards come to me not via way of the post from Germany. That
is a lot of money and also when I sent back directly.This is a reply at my request
why NO QSL.

Note from ZL2IFB    [25 Jan 2010]

Msg from Frank: Please attention: the address in Ratingen/Germany not longer exist. At the moment only via bureau. D'ONT SEND ANY LETTERS TO NAMIBA. It will be lost. 73s, Frank.

Note from HB9ODP    [09 Jan 2010]

Waiting direct QSL from 2005....

Note from W9PZT    [26 Nov 2009]


Note from SM5BNK    [19 Oct 2009]

his adress in germany is ok and so also Frank. no trouble to get qsl

Note from DF7TH    [12 Sep 2009]

Sent QSL direct with 1 IRC to the german address (2009 March 26th). Received Frank's QSL via the bureau last week.
73, Joe

Note from DM6DL    [11 Aug 2009]

Sent my 3rd direct qsl at 05.03.2009. Still waiting for an answer.
This was the last try!

Note from WD4PDZ    [30 Jun 2009]

RCVD QSL in 30 days-No Problem

Note from G0BNR    [27 Jun 2009]

Sent direct to Frank via German address Feb 08, got QSO's cfm through buro this week.

Note from PA3AM    [14 Jun 2009]

My direct QSL request with 2 green stamps was returned with a note that this adres was not populated anymore and that person had left this adress. I guess we have to wait for more info?

Note from 3A2LF    [12 Jun 2009]

Sent 3 times QSLs with 2 US bucks to QRZ.COM adress Nothing received.

Note from WB0TEV    [30 May 2009]

Sent IRC to DL address in Dec 2007 for 3 QSOs made in 2005-2007. Got reply via the buro for these in May 09. Worked him on 30m in March 2009 and have sent IRC to DL address for that too. We'll see if/when and how that one is QSL'ed.

Note from VA3NA    [23 May 2009]

Sent my QSL in November 2008 and also asked Frank for a QSL on the air. Never received anything. All other V51 stations received and confirmed QSLs sent to them direct. There is no problem with mail service in Namibia, Frank just collects $$$.

Note from NE0U    [10 Apr 2009]

I've tried to get a card from this guy for 4 years now, at least $40 invested. Even tried registered mail and stealth mail, mailed to him from Uganda! I won't work this guy any more even in contests. It's senseless.

Note from JA1SZN    [08 Mar 2009]

I sent QSL direct to the address V51AS's direct Address above on July 08 via airmail, and Jan 09 via registered mail both with 2GS. I receipt his QSL via bureau yesterday.
That should be replied from my first QSL. Thanks Frank.

Note from SM6FPG    [20 Dec 2008]

Why not use LoTW Frank?

Note from RA3XDX    [14 Nov 2008]

Sent QSL direct to the address on QRZ.com: Frank Steinhauser, Am Rosenkothen 17, 40880 Ratingen, Germany
At the end of April, 2008, but has received recently from him QSL through a bureau.

Note from SV1FJL    [21 Oct 2008]


Note from PS7DX    [21 Oct 2008]

QSO WITH V51AS - 24-02-2006 0222UTC 3.5MHZ send 01.09.2006 Registered Post TO - FRANK , BOX 2516, SWAKOPMUND, NAMIBIA - no receive QSL.
After sending other normal mode, now I will try V51YJ

Note from DL6CGB    [11 Aug 2008]

V51AS, Frank is a good ham-friend, the problem is the postal-service in Namibia,
which is corrupt and very lazy! Qsl-cards via buro also have been answered after about 2 years. I advise you to use registered mail!

Note from K1DX    [03 Jul 2008]

The V51AS, Am Roskenkothen 17 envelope was returned to me today, incl. green stamps. Please post if using his full name works, thanks. I did previously receive a QSL sent via registered mail to his AF address (abt 2 yrs. ago). 73 es DX

Note from LA4RT    [16 Jun 2008]

His full name is in qrz.com. It is Frank Steinhauser.

Note from YB3MM    [04 Jun 2008]

Is there anybody want to become his QSL Manager? Maybe he wants some helps to manage QSLing...

Note from K0TV    [20 May 2008]

Sent card to V51AS, AM ROSENKOTHEN 17, 40880 RATINGEN, GERMANY on March 30, 2008. The card was returned today for insufficient address.

Note from LA9PJA    [10 May 2008]

My 3rd letter got back from DL post office again!!! They don't recognise V51AS, needs a name, so Frank might do the trick! Does anyone know his fully name? send e-mail la9pja@qsl.net ----- 73

Note from IW9DNI    [03 Apr 2008]

Dear om write on www.qslexchange.net for all bad Om that not send qsl card.

Note from DG2TOM    [14 Mar 2008]

After sending 3 Cards and waiting a long time (see below)i have recived Franks QSL today via Bureau....Thanks Frank 14 March 2008

Note from DK8NC    [11 Mar 2008]

Attention, Attention, new address:
V51AS, Am Rosenkothen 17, 40880 Ratingen, Germany
info from DARC-DX-MB

Note from LA4RT    [06 Feb 2008]

Got a card from Frank yesterday, 2 months after sending mine to the Metzingen, Germany address. A card to the old Olching, Germany address 4 months earlier presumably got lost.

Note from LY3BG    [02 Feb 2008]

29 August 2007 I sent a letter to German adress, bat it went back with Empfanger unter der angegebenen Anschrift nicht zu ermitteln / Adresse insuffisante on it...

Note from IK6TOR    [29 Jan 2008]

I received the qsl via buro after 2 years.

Note from GM4FAM    [01 Dec 2007]

I just got QSLs for 8 bands from Frank within 2 weeks of sending him cards - they were sent to his German address.
73 Cris - GM4FAM

Note from PY5EW    [31 Oct 2007]

Hello friend's this week received the QSL of Frank V51AS confirming QSO's on 80, 40 and 10 meters ...
The QSL was sent days 30/08 and received yesterday days 30/10.
Thank you Frank!

Note from DL4CW    [09 Sep 2007]

I sent two letters to V5, the second one abt 18 month ago via registered mail. Guess what? exactly, no qsl! Either he doesn't even get registered mail or he just doesn't bother to reply. Anyway, no more efforts from my side, that's for sure.

Note from DK8NC    [07 Sep 2007]

This Address since 2007 Aug. In the beginning, problems with postoffice and holidays in Germany. If your letter was returned, try again. The QSL-Letters will be collected and will be sent abt monthly to Namibia. The QSL´s are sent from Namibia

Note from DG2TOM    [20 Aug 2007]

After 2 QSL direct(1st with $ 2nd with IRC)the 3rd QSL to V51AS was send with $ to Adress in Germany on 17th April 2007, now we have August...but NO QSL here until now...

Note from KN7Y    [16 Aug 2007]

See my comment 3 down. I sent direct to the Germany address in early July 2007 and received Frank's QSL on August 14, 2007. Just follow some simple rules (i.e. no call signs on the envelopes) and so on, and you'll have better luck. Thanks Frank!

Note from K7MH    [15 Jul 2007]

That he doesn't get the card and greenstamps is bull. $2US to another ham in Swakopmund for a 9u0x card recently, the same way I have sent cards for years, had a fast turnaround time. So why are they not stealing those? Time to kick V51AS to the curb.

Note from KN7Y    [07 Jul 2007]

Registered Mail = Frank QSL 100%. NOT Registered Mail = no QSL. This is a third-world country with many very poor people. $1 US can be 1/2 week's wages. This time I'll try the German address for 3.5 and 24 MHz CW and 14 MHz SSB. Best DX / 73.

Note from DG2TOM    [28 Apr 2007]

Now i send the QSL 3rd time...now to the German Adress....so we will wait and see

Note from KE6FV    [24 Apr 2007]

After several unsuccessful (and very costly) attempts to get a QSL from V51AS, I sent my request to his German mail drop and received my QSL very quickly. Obviously, there is a big problem sending anything of value through the mail to Namibia.

Note from W9ILY    [23 Apr 2007]

I sent a request to Frank's address in Germany and received a relatively rapid response. This route WORKS!! Thanks, Frank.

Note from K8YTO    [21 Apr 2007]

Frank has not been the problem. The mail is often stolen for money (and not just in Nambia). He was able to get part of my last envelope and it said FOUND OPEN OR DAMAGED AND OFFICIALLY SECURED BY THE POSTAL AUTHORITIES. The money was missing.

Note from DG8VE    [17 Apr 2007]

Sent card to his home address via registered mail with GS. No problem, quick reply from Frank with a card for another OM to send via buro (insufficient postage?)

Note from K7IA    [30 Mar 2007]

Wish the notes below weren't here in 2/05, when I sent QSL & 2 green stamps INSIDE my SASE INSIDE plain envelope. Is life that bad there? He needs a mgr or removal from DXCC rolls. I'll try ARRL BURO, but no more dinero!

Note from K8EUR    [21 Feb 2007]

I finally followed earlier instructions and sent my QSL and IRC (or US$) in a sturdy #11 Kraft business envelope via registered mail - $10 postage. I could track it leaving the US only, but I had my V51AS cards back in less than a month after it left US.

Note from K7MH    [17 Feb 2007]

It is time for a movement to have his contacts discredited from the DXCC program. This is not in keeping with the amateur radio spirit nor does he seem to want to get it under control with a manager. I have also sent $2 USD twice now with no response.

Note from KA8FTP    [17 Feb 2007]

will try new info thru Germany. need his country. Will advise when I find out something or not. I am very patient, one person wanted my card from HZ land during OP Desert Shield/Storm, 10 years later. I have all the patience in the world.

Note from 425DXN    [12 Feb 2007]

The Daily DX reports that Frank, V51AS has ''a new more reliable QSL route now. It is not a QSL manager and will take a little longer but should be steadfast''. Cards can be sent to Steinhauser, Schlobstr. 68A, 82140 Olching, Germany.

Note from VO1HE    [11 Feb 2007]

If the problem is that he doesn't receive the mail, maybe he should get a reliable QSL manager.

Note from K6GEP    [06 Feb 2007]

I just received my card today. I sent it registered, and it came back in less than
6 weeks. I disguised it a bit with Seasons Greetings, and addressed it his family.

Note from K1DX    [25 Jan 2007]

Send your QSL via registered mail only for a beautiful QSL returned promptly. Frank is a fine DXer.

Note from ON7CD    [25 Jan 2007]

I have send 2 qsl cards direct and received his qsl cards back after 8 weeks

Note from KE6FV    [04 Jan 2007]

I too sent a QSL with two green stamps via registered mail (a total of $10.50) but have never received any reply. Either he is not licensed, the postal people in Namibia are taking all of the mail or he is collecting a lot of green stamps!

Note from JOE I1WXY    [04 Jan 2007]

I don't think that V51AS is a currency collector. For this reason he should find someone able to managing qsl in/out to fix this annoying problem but we can only try to write him (no qsl) explaining our reasons.

Note from EA8BVP    [04 Jan 2007]

I worked him yesterday afternoon. He sent me 'qsl via CBA'. I'll send him my qsl by this way.

Note from DG2TOM    [04 Jan 2007]

I`ve send 2Dollars...no replay, so i have send IRC also nothing....
I know many OM`s waiting for V51AS QSL Card...

Note from G4KHM    [28 Dec 2006]

Have received qsl for most bands without problems...john g4khm

Note from WB0HCH    [24 Dec 2006]

After numerous tries, I sent a QSL via registered mail - It was never delivered, so I'm afraid that we are all making a postal employee wealthy...

Note from N6VX    [21 Dec 2006]

Don't waste your money sending cards. Apparently he does not get them.
Needs a QSL manager....

Note from F6ABN    [20 Dec 2006]

I strongly recommand V51AS to reorganize his QSL system. The only way to make hams arround the world realy happy is to define a QSL-Manager in a safe country. In between I am shure that most of the letters including cash are stolen in Africa.

Note from EA4DUT    [11 Dec 2006]

Para LU1XS: (sorry for the English..)
Óscar, it seems that someone knows about GS inside the letters and never get to him. Please send your QSL by registered mail. He is a very serious and responsible operator who confirms quickly. Suerte!!

Note from IF9ZWA    [09 Dec 2006]

I sent qsl card via direct with 2 dollars (YEAR 2002!) but i didn't receive the answer.

Note from CT1EPJ    [05 Dec 2006]

I sent qsl card via direct with 2 dollars, but i didn't receive the answer.

Note from CT1FMX    [05 Dec 2006]

I sent QSL card via direct with 2 dollars, in 24-May-2006, but i didn't receive the answer.

Note from F5MOP    [05 Dec 2006]

V51AS is not a ham. He just want dollars for his pocket.

Note from KE6FV    [02 Dec 2006]

I sent a QSL direct on 10/30/06 and have not received a response as of 12/01/06. I sincerely hope the problem is due to receiving too many QSL cards.

Note from WP4CQ    [29 Nov 2006]

Le envie 2 veces qsl con $2.00 y nunca recibi su qsl.

Note from IK6TOR    [11 Nov 2006]

I sent qsl card via direct with 2 dollars, but i didn't receive the answer.

Note from LU1XS    [26 Oct 2006]

De este buen señor nunca recibi su Qsl, envie mucho dinero para el en irc y estampillas verdes todo via direct pero nunca recibi su QSL, cual sera su problema?, o es una estación pirata.-
73, Oscar

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