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ER4DX Qsl info

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ER4DX RA4LW 2009  New Manager * Qsl Only Direct  WEB / BULLETINS
UT7YD 2010    K7INA
ER1FF 2014    ER4DX
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ER1FF's Address
Alexei Borets, P.O. Box 1441, MD-2043 Kishinev, Moldova

ER4DX's direct Address
Vasily Romanyuk, P.O. Box 1662, MD-2044 Chisinau, Moldova

RA4LW's Address
Vladimir V. Ryabov, P.O. Box 2, Dimitrovgrad, 433508, RUSSIA

Note from EI3GYB    [13 Sep 2009]

I have sent Vlad a 2nd envelope with 2 cards + 2 dollars. This time he got my letter and I got the QSL for ER4DX within 2 weeks- very fast reply. He told me in an e-mail that he found 23 letters in his box for ER4DX. So more good NX for others as well...

Note from K7RNV    [03 Sep 2009]

Vald answered email fast and got the card in 1 month, mail is slow from that part of the world..No problems Bob

Note from EI3GYB    [04 Aug 2009]

I have sent 2 QSLs plus valid IRC several months ago to manager of ER4DX in Russia. Today I got an email from him telling me that he never received my letter. Seems to be that there is a postal problem with this manager as well...73 de Michael/ei3gyb

Note from W4UBC    [13 May 2009]

3 week turnaround for 80/40 QSO. New QSL manager does good job.

Note from K7VC    [26 Feb 2009]

Direct. $2 + IRC. Three QSOs from 2000-2001. Three-week turnaround!

Vasily Romanyuk, PO Box 1662, Chisinau, MD 2044, MOLDOVA

Note from RA4LW    [12 Jan 2009]

Hi guys! Good news... ER4DX and ER0WW via RA4LW now via Direct.

Note from W4UBC    [03 Jan 2009]

Vasily used to have a UT(Ukranian) QSL manager who evidently did poor job so he fired him last year. He made this comment in my QSO with him Dec 12, 2008.

Note from N5MOA    [12 Dec 2008]

I e-mailed ER1DA to see if he could help. I mailed a card with a couple of gs to Valery on Nov. 6 for a Nov. 4 2008 qso, recieved my ER4DX card in the mail today.
Those needing a card from Vasily might try contacting Valery.

Note from KG6MRK    [28 Aug 2008]

I worked ER4DX back in 2006 and more recently needing Moldovia I sent $2.00 U.S, and again a new IRC with no response. He sounded earnest last time I spoke to him, but I doubt I'll get a response.

Note from NG4P    [27 Jun 2008]

Just wanted to let all know that today I received two QSL catds from ER4DX for contacts made in 2005, 2005 and 2008. Thanks Vasily.

Note from ON7CD    [14 Dec 2007]

Card from Vasily, ER4DX, received by sending self-addressed envelope and one IRC to , Valery Metaxa ER1DA, P.O. Box 3000, Chisinau MD-2071, MOLDOVA

Note from K8EUR    [26 Nov 2007]

Box 1662 is being used by $$$ and IRC thief? Vasily told me on 20 meters that the Box 1662 address was OK - send more cards and $$. This time I sent registered mail and it just came back Refused. ER Bureau seems safest? Many $$ gone!

Note from K6TA    [04 Nov 2007]

RCVD 3 QSL's 02/11/2007 Sent SAE, $2 via MOLDOVA bureau.
ER4DX direct address on QSL, not same as QRZ.COM, is:
Vasily Romanyuk
PO BOX 3351, MD 2044

Note from N8OIL    [13 Oct 2007]

Sent card & $2 for June, 2007, contact -- no response.

Note from SV2CXI    [25 Sep 2007]

i reiseive qsl from Vasily ER4DX isehd him 1$before 4 or 5 years

Note from IK3QAR    [24 Sep 2007]

I have worked Vasily on 20 and 40m in September 2006, during the CQWW DX RTTY Contest.
I haven't even sent him my Qsl: last week i've received his Qsl via Bureau, with marked ''Pse no Qsl'' and label with ''Verified by UT2UB'' stamp.

73 Paolo IK3QAR

Note from VE3QN    [14 Sep 2007]

Card from Vasily, ER4DX, received by sending self-addressed envelope and one IRC to ARM, Valery Metaxa ER1DA, P.O. Box 3000, Chisinau MD-2071, MOLDOVA

Note from N1ZJ    [09 Sep 2007]

ER4DX has never QSLed to me. I will not even work him in a contest any more.

Note from WB4SGA    [08 Sep 2007]

Does not QSL . E-Mail address will bounce back to you. Save yout IRCs

Note from W4MOT    [06 Sep 2007]

Registered letter sent to Box 1662, MD2044 Kishinev, Moldova on 13 July 2007 returned on 6 September 2007, marked 'unknown'.

Note from WB6DOQ    [20 Jun 2007]

ER4DX only takes Irc or what ever you send and puts in his bank, but has no intention to send you a qsl card.

Note from KA8ZPE    [19 Jun 2007]

worked 1 contact in october 2001...wrked 2 contacts during october2004 sent direct with $$ irc's and via wf5e qsl svc....no qsl cards for any contacts.

Note from ON7CD    [14 Feb 2007]

If you need Moldova try to work ER1QQ. I received that qsl card , via direct qsl.direct.
No ER4DX qsl received ever.

Note from KA8FTP    [17 Jan 2007]

worked April 2000 and send card, and no response. send card feb 2006 and sent several e-mails to several addresses and still no luck. Will look for new Maldova contact and go from there.

Note from K8EUR    [11 Jan 2007]

The email address listed on Hamcall and qrz.com is no longer valid for ER4DX. Does anyone have an update?

Note from K8EUR    [27 Dec 2006]

Has anyone gotten a QSL card from ER4DX recently? If so, please let me know how.

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