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EA5XX 2007  LZ1BJ
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Note from ON4RU     [09 Dec 2017]

You lost time and money asking EA5XX to confirm for CN8KD. Very deceived by EA5XX who is far to be a clean QSL Manager. Collecting USD and IRCs is the normal practice of this so-called QSL Manager.

Note from JE1NHF    [16 Oct 2016]

I sent in Oct, 2015 directly SAE/GS/MY QSL to EA5XX for QSO with CN8KD, Mohamed san, but fail to receive QSL for CN8KD, although I sent remider emails to EA5XX(no reply). It is really disappoiting.

Note from DH5MM    [19 Aug 2015]

direct QSL send to EA5XX with 1€ at 27-Dec-2014 and QSL get 19-Aug-2015

Note from ZL2IFB    [12 Nov 2013]

Just received 2x direct cards for CN8KD from EA5XX - more than 2 years after I sent the requests. All I can say is be patient!

Note from DH5MM    [17 Jun 2010]

send direct 18-JUL-2009; plaint via Email in MAY-2010; QSL get 17-JUN-2010

Note from KB2YVC    [27 May 2010]

Mohamed appears very concerned about whatever it was that delayed ES5XX answering direct cards. The card for the June 2006 50 MHz QSO arrived last summer with a June 2009 postmark.

Note from GM6HGF    [25 May 2010]

Update, I received an unexpected and very nice email from Mohamed asking if I had ever received paper qsls. Having replied with details of any unconfirmed, I received all confirmations by direct mail by return just a couple of days later. Thank you.

Note from KE6FV    [24 May 2010]

Initially, I had a number of problems getting a CN8KD QSL via EA5XX. However, after one e-mail, I received a QSL very soon thereafter. To his credit, Mohammed knows there is a problem as is working very hard to resolve all of the outstanding issues.

Note from YO9BXC    [24 May 2010]

All OK now, I rcvd all the QSL's cards !!! TNX Mohamed.

Note from VE2XK    [07 May 2010]

I decide to contact Mohamed personally for explain him the problem. Mohamed reactions were very quick by fixing and rectify his qsling problem by sending me one directly. A few week later a got also one from his qsl manager too. 73's

Note from WD4PDZ    [28 Apr 2010]

I too had issues with QSL's from Mohamed. He has e-mailed me personally and rectified the problem. Mohamed also assured me he is fixing his QSLing problems.

Note from VE3TMG    [22 Apr 2010]

Update I now am getting nasty e mails from Mohamed cn8kd because I refuse to retract my statements about hi manager!! to much.Beware!!!! don't work cn8kd it's too hard to get the qsl it's not worth it.

Note from VE3TMG    [19 Apr 2010]

On April 19 2010 got my cn8kd qsl,had to send several e mails to CN8KD directly to get the card. ea5xx never did reply to any e mails sent to him.

Note from VE3TMG    [02 Apr 2010]

I've sent a sase to ea5xx in 2009 almost a year ago for a qso I had with cn8kd on 6m still no card !I've e-mailed ea5xx twice with no response.I got a hold of cn8kd directly and he promised to send me a qsl card,that was about 2 monthes ago still no qsl !

Note from KB2FCV    [23 Feb 2010]

Sent my card, $2 USD and SAE to EA5XX earlier last year - no response. I've emailed him a few times also recently - no response whatsoever. I'm pretty sure at this point I'll never see the card

Note from EA5XX    [14 Jan 2010]

Please don't beleive Spanish bad politicians EAs. Those notes about me are only wrotes by bad radiomateur, wanting poltics prmotion. Anyone needding CN8KD QLSs can ask for them, all QSOs are beeing confirm depending on logs arrivals.

Note from EA3WCB    [27 Dec 2009]

NO CONFIRMA NUNCA SE GUARDA EL DINERO, es el Interventor de la Junta Directiva de URE Union de Radioaficionados Espańoles
Además es el Tesorero de Radioaficionados sin Fronteras
****NO SEND QSL, no returning only for your coleccion Dolar

Note from GM6HGF    [29 Aug 2009]

Direct QSL sent 2008 and a second QSL again early in 2009 to EA5XX for confirmation of 6M QSO with CN8KD. No reply to emails during this time to ascertain receipt.

Note from KB2YVC    [31 May 2009]

Still the same. Worked CN8KD in June 2006 on 50 MHz, sent SASE to EA5XX manager. It is close to the third anniversary of the QSO and I am still waiting for the QSL.

Note from YO9BXC    [10 Mar 2009]

I sent a direct envelope with SAE and 2US$ in november 2008, no response.
In this evening i sent an e-mail,the respons was
The following address(es) failed:
Unknown user
address from www.qrz.com

Note from KB1JZU    [16 Jan 2009]

Same thing...sent direct to EA5XX in Mar2008. Send email in late 2008.
Absolutely no response to either. Many contacts with CN8KD so this is not a verification problem. Do not use this route until you hear that this is no longer a problem! Jan2009

Note from KE6FV    [22 Oct 2008]

Murphy's Law is alive and well!! About two hours after I posted my note, Julio (EA5XX) sent me a response and has promised to send a QSL immediately. Apparently, there are problems with the mail and the logs. Bottom line, be patient!!

Note from KE6FV    [21 Oct 2008]

CN8KD has become a green stamp collector! I have sent 2 QSL requests and 3 e-mails to EA5XX during the course of the last 13 months with no response. Don't waste your money! There are other RTTY stations in Morocco that will send you a QSL.

Note from K8EUR    [11 Jan 2007]

Per EA5XX - QSLs are on the way now. Email him if you don't receive yours shortly - ea5xx@hotmail.com

Note from K8EUR    [09 Jan 2007]

Per Mohamed: Sorry for the delay , we had a log transmission problem. But since 2 months ago he has all the info. He is confirming now all the delayed QSL's .

You can reach him at anytime at: ea5xx@hotmail.com

Note from K8EUR    [02 Jan 2007]

Email sent to arrl.net address is returned as rejected by remote server - in other words, his local email address doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone have new QSL info for CN8KD?

Note from VE2XK    [02 Dec 2006]

Qsl manager EA5XX never answer my qsl card with sase since June 12 2006.
I write several time to ihm and i never he coming back to me.
Something is realy wrong.

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