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EY7AD's direct Address
Abdurakhim K. Kadyrov, P.O. Box 131, Khudzhand 735700, Tajikistan

Note from AA6RE    [14 Jul 2023]

I had a QSO in April 2023 and sent registered letter. USPS accepted it but it only got as far as New York before it was returned as undeliverable. Evidently mail to Russia and Russia is suspended. Go to USPS office and get reg mail fee reimbured. I did.

Note from K0BBC    [15 Jun 2023]

USPS says 'Mail Service Suspended.' USPS returned my registered letter.

Note from F1GRH    [17 Dec 2019]

SAE + 3$ send 2019-06-03... not yet qsl back. and no email to jooin him.
today, it is still reported on clusters. is it serious with QSl and $?

Note from K1GG    [22 Mar 2018]

Sent QSL registered mail with return funds last year. I received an email from him with a picture of his return mail to me that was returned to him from his post office saying it was not deliverable. I asked him to try again. Year later still no card

Note from HB9DQL    [29 Jun 2017]

Sent registered mail and received direct card after 2 month.
vy 73 de Jrg

Note from JE1NHF    [16 Oct 2016]

I had a similar experience recently. This station sent his card with my SAE to other JA station who bothered kindly to contact me and forwarded it to me by his own expense. He should send it directly to the station who had sent it with GS/SAE.

Note from JA1PRV    [14 Oct 2016]

Today, I have accepted QSL. I had sent SASE on 16.Aug.2016. No problem. But, He is enclosing QSL of 3 JA stations. I have to forward to others. Oh???

Note from DH5MM    [07 Oct 2016]

send direct with registered mail and 2 US-Dollars at 23-Sep-2015
get QSL at 11-JAN-2016.

Note from SQ5NRY    [15 Feb 2016]

Received direct card, sent registered mail. No problems at all.
Cheers, Paul

Note from IK8EPB    [29 Sep 2015]

Sent QSL via registered mail, and got back an envelope containing the QSL for me plus another for another Italian station (promptly forwarded).

Note from I4JEE    [15 Aug 2015]

Also I am waiting QSL Card from EY7AD - request with many Dollars , but TOTAL Black Can anyone tell him that isnt right we dont make qsos for money

Note from W0ZPE    [26 Jul 2014]

This guy is an A-Hole and money thief. Don't fall into his trap like I did. Cost me $20 two years ago, still no card.


Note from OR2A    [05 Jul 2012]

2 club members received EY7AD via Buro !

Note from W2HE    [10 Feb 2012]

Sent card registered mail. Total cost $13 + $2. EY7AD's card came to me from KI6EJY in Calif! Where'd the money go?

Note from W2HE    [10 Feb 2012]

Just got a letter from KI6EJY who forwarded EY7AD's card to me. Both KI6EJY and I spent about $30 postage between us and he got both cards and was expected to forward mine. This guy's got a racket going. Don't send him ANY money.

Note from EA5HRV    [16 Dec 2011]

Mande certificada 08-11-10 y a dia de hoy 16-12-11, nada de nada Que pasa?
N Certificado RR545413399ES

Note from K7RNV    [21 Oct 2011]

Just another note, i sent 3 green stamps and do not put any callsigns on the env.

Note from K7RNV    [12 Oct 2011]

Sent register mail and recived qsl card. Took 2 months but got the qsl card.. No problems.. Bob

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