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OD5NH Qsl info

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OD5NH's direct Address
Puzant Azirian, P.O. Box 80903, Beirut, Lebanon

Note from W8TRN    [28 Apr 2015]

I suspect the no QSL received problem is due to the postal system and not Puzant. Follow his directions. He returned his card to me within 45 days. Not bad.

Note from WA4CZD    [27 Jan 2014]

KF4ZEO card sent to OD5NH June 2013 via registered mail and no QSL returned.

Note from DH5MM    [27 Nov 2013]

NO QSL since Jul 2006

Note from KB2YAN    [15 May 2013]

Card sent to OD5NH on 25-December-2012, by registered mail. QSL received on 8-March-2013. If you follow directions you'll get your card. Thank you Puzant.

Note from IS0EBO    [28 Apr 2013]

I sended a email to Puzant for infos.
I sent qsl + SASE via registerd mail Mar. 11, 2013.
The QSL (6 QSO) of the OD5NH arrived Apr. 17, 2013.

Note from W3KX    [24 Oct 2012]

I sent my QSL request by registered mail on/about Sept 8, 2012 and it was sent back and the letter was returned because it was not claimed. My letter was addressed properly with your name and PO Box. Any ideas why?

Note from KD5YUK    [15 Jul 2012]

Used Registered Mail and receive his card. No problem.

Note from W3EFE    [22 Nov 2011]

Tnx for the prompt reply to my QSL Card. Only 4 weeks from me sending it to reception of your card. Used registered mail as you suggested. Tnx Again Lee W3EFE

Note from I0KQB    [14 Oct 2011]

Hi to everybody
I want to thank from public this site Puzant - OD5NH - because I have received today his qsl card from Beirut . Thank you Puzant !
73's from I0KQB

Note from I0KQB    [19 Sep 2011]

Hi Puzant .I sent to you what you've asked in order to send me your QSL . I sent you some e-mails but .... nobody answered me. September 17th we had the third qso. Would you send me, now, your qsl? Is there any problem ? I wait for an answer !

Note from K1JOS    [12 Feb 2011]

Dear Puzant,

I* sent you registered mail in Aug 2010 and also emailed you many times with no reply. Please help. best 73 Jerry K1JOS

Note from DE2SLP    [24 Dec 2010]

Note from OD5NH [30 Jun 2010]

This reply is for DE2SLP.
You are not in my log!!!

YOU ARE REALLY FUNNY !!! - THAT IS A SWL (=SHORT WAVE LISTENER)sign - OF CORSE that I am NOT in your log !!!!!

Note from WX2U    [15 Sep 2010]

sent mine Registered mail on Aug 12.Puzant returned his card to me on Sept 15. Thank you!!!

Note from F6ISQ    [05 Jul 2010]

If the call sign is not in your log, you can return the QSL card with the mention 'not in my log', do you note every QSO, no more comment for me.

Note from OD5NH    [30 Jun 2010]

this reply is for WX2U station.
Your card was returned back as unclaimed not because i did not pick it up, but coz you did not write my name on the envelop as being registered mail the post office does not deliver an envelop with no name on it,

Note from OD5NH    [30 Jun 2010]

This reply is also for WX2U.
I saw the envelop but they did not give it to me, so better instead of talking stupidly that i did not pick it up in seven weeks do something better and better not to talk too much!!!

Note from OD5NH    [30 Jun 2010]

This add for F6ISQ.
Sure I will not send a qsl card to a station who is not in my log and you are not,sorry for that,when you are in my log ,you will get it with no problem OM.
73s, OD5NH

Note from OD5NH    [30 Jun 2010]

This reply is for DE2SLP.
You are not in my log!!!

Note from WX2U    [30 Apr 2010]

sent a QSL card via Registered Mail on 08 Mar 2010 and just received it back as UNCLAIMED. He never picked it up from the PO. It sat in PO for seven weeks.

Note from F6ISQ    [28 Apr 2010]

I am waiting for QSL since 2 years, if the post office problem is real, why does'nt take a qsl manager outside of Lebanon

Note from W0WSP    [26 Mar 2010]

Sent request by registered mail on 1-MAR-2010 (total cost, inculding green stamps, 15.44 USD). Received a card on 25-MAR-2010.

Note from JH4CBM    [23 Feb 2010]

I sent my QSL to his P.O.Box by registered air mail as he has written in QRZ.com and received his QSL in 11 days.
TNX Puzant.

Note from OZ1LCG    [17 Aug 2009]

Hi All! I Sent my QSL as described on QRZ.com, only with the adress in a sealed envalope + 1 x SAE and some fonts(USD) for stamps so no problem, got my QSL from Puzant in 14-days. Many Thanks 73 Ole

Note from W8TRN    [08 May 2009]

I received his QSL in less than 45 days! 2 green stamps and registered mail (ouch, very expensive) and he responded very promptly with his QSL. Amazingly, his card did not arrive in a envelope; I am certain that was for security reasons.

Note from JA1SZN    [18 Feb 2009]

I sent my card via registered mail on 26 Jan 2008 and got OD5NH card on 18 Feb 2008. Tnx Puzant.

Note from KōOK    [13 Jul 2008]

The chance of your QSL getting to him is slim unless you send it via registered mail. I sent my card via registered mail and I had Puzant's QSL back in a month.

Note from K8EUR    [23 Jan 2008]

Bad mail problems in Lebanon. I sent my card via registered mail on 18 Dec 2007 and got OD5NH card on 23 Jan 2008. Don't use regular mail to Lebanon.

Note from SV1FJL    [04 Jan 2008]

I have sent him since 10-6-06 dir card ( qso on 06 SEP 06 ) STILL WAITING .

Note from DE2SLP    [05 Nov 2007]


Note from 2E1AYS    [14 Jul 2007]

got my QSL 100% took 4 months but it came.

Note from HB9ODP    [24 Apr 2007]

QSL received after an email request

Note from I5NPH    [22 Apr 2007]

I confirm...sent 4 qsls total 8 USD..absolutely no answer

Note from K4KAL    [11 Feb 2007]

Warning - This DX station collects US dollars, and does not send you your qsl cards. I have sent many times since 2003.

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