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Note from TG9IGI    [28 Jul 2014]

N4FKZ is the same gut as TG9NX.N4FKZ is his call sign in the usa

Note from IZ6FCK    [20 Feb 2014]

I received yesterday TG9NX Qsl,
no problem, see the details on QRZ.com for the Qsl request.

Note from KD8DQ    [16 Nov 2013]

I sent you the $2.00, my QSL card and SASE in March 2013, as of Nov 2013 I haven't recieved a card. I recently sent email requesting information about my card as I haven't received it yet.

Note from KD8DQ    [16 Nov 2013]

Your response was all cards up to Oct. have been sent, well that may be true BUT I haven't received mine, so please send me another card...thank you

Note from ND8L    [15 Mar 2013]

Sent card with $2.00 and SAE...QSL received in 10 days. No problems. Thanks!

Note from N4FKZ    [01 Jan 2012]

IK3QAR, I know very well how difficult it is to get 270 countries confirmed on CW. And not to have them registered at ARRL DXCC is a shame, if your story is true.

Note from N4FKZ    [01 Jan 2012]

It could also be that you don't trust DXCC. I think that you like to turn people against each other, something that has never been part of amateur radio.

Note from TG9NX    [23 Dec 2011]

AI4ET what experience do you have QSLing when you don't even have the basic DXCC? You have no idea what a mail-drop is. You are trying to defame me because I know you DUI. I hope they catch you before you kill someone. Damned addict.

Note from N4FKZ    [23 Dec 2011]

How much can we trust the opinion of a fellow with out the basic 100 countries DXCC like the owner of this web site or is he only trying to get atention and show off like Nino it9ryh

Note from IK3QAR    [23 Dec 2011]

Dear N4FKZ, are you talking about me with your today's comment?
If so, i didn't write any comment about you here, simply because i have never sent you a QSL. Nor i'm trying to get any attention. I'm just providing a free for all service.
About DXCC, i have more than 270 countries confirmed on CW so far, but never felt the need to apply for the award... does it make me a ''Class B'' operator ?

Paolo IK3QAR (owner of this site)

Note from SM1TDE    [29 Jun 2011]

QSL received via N4FKZ-maildrop after 3 months for SSB-QSO:s on 17 and 12m. Sent the requested 2 GS. Francisco is a good QSL-er as far as I am concerned, just follow his simple and easy to follow instructions on QRZ.COM.

Note from F4DDZ    [07 Dec 2010]

QSO made the November 4th and QL arrived today (December 7th) via mail drop USA. No problem for me. 2$ and SAE.

Note from IK5HHA    [04 Dec 2010]

1st class QSL card service.
No problem.
Tnx Luca ik5hha

Note from AI4ET    [23 Nov 2010]

He might send a few cards out to discredit his detractors, but I suspect there are a lot more he does not send and keeps the money. Now he expects you to send $2 to a USA address now. He is in it for the money all the time. He’s a QSL DEADBEAT!!!

Note from TG9NX    [28 Jan 2010]

You donīt seem to understand the problem in Guatemala is on the way in, when the cards come with green stamps. The idea is for people not to loose their cards, thanks for trying to help, best 73

Note from K4HB    [16 Jan 2010]

Guatemala can return QSL cards for $1.

There's more about their postal rates, IRCs, and where I got my information here.

Note from KB4DWO    [24 Jul 2009]

Canīt understand W6KY saying that TG9NX canīt copy CW, Is he serious? 346 countries confirmed DXCC CW Honor Roll for TG9NX. Why is W6KY not saying the true, this kind of defamation with lies should be eliminated from our hobby, it helps no one

Note from WD4PDZ    [27 Jun 2009]

QSL was no problem via the mail drop. Card back in abt 30 days. It was for CW, so
I guess he can copy CW. I don't know what U other 'HAMS' did but I followed the
instructions for his QSLing and got the card back 'very' quickly.

Note from W6KY    [18 Jan 2009]

In reference to TG9NX's comment about me, I have only been on 80 meter CW (which I'm sure he can't copy) during contest in the last 20 years. I never get in a battle of wits with someone who is only half prepared! 73, Art www.w6ky.com

Note from WB9DLC    [06 Dec 2008]

For what it is worth : Sent SAE plus $2 to TG9NX mail drop (saved fifty cents on postage!) as Franco requests and received QSL card in 3 weeks. Thanks Franco.

I wonder how well others would handle thousands of QSL requests?

Note from TG9NX    [22 Nov 2008]

On 80 mts, I heard W6KY saying: -I never send money for a qsl, only in the buro and if they donīt send me a card, I always teach them a lesson, those South American banana operators they know that very well-. Needs no explanation.

Note from KQ0B    [23 Feb 2008]

I sent Franciso a QSL Feb 6 and had a return card Feb 20. What more can you ask for service? I followed his instructions and got my card back - simple as that. Card wast sent stateside to mail-drop and returned promptly.

Note from K0TV    [19 Feb 2008]

Sent cards to the US mail drop and he used my SASE to send them back with a note saying he wasn't going to send cards.

His only unique contact for me was on 75.

I'll get TG some other way thank you!

Note from PY5EW    [26 Dec 2007]

Sending to N4FKZ address, received card in 4 weeks. Tnx Franco!

Note from WA8OJR    [21 Jun 2007]

One g.s. to the N4FKZ address, received card in 2 weeks. No problem!

Note from ON4RU    [21 Sep 2006]

Following the instructions mentioned by QRZ.COM I have received his QSL in less than 2 weeks! Have put in the SAE 2 greenstamps for postage. Don't blame him. I think he's a correct HAM if you are sure to be in his LOG.

Note from WB6L    [04 Jun 2006]

I followed his directions at QRZ.com and received my QSL promptly. No problems. Read his message at qrz.com Ray

Note from KB3GJP    [28 May 2006]

I send a Stamp and a American 1 dollar plus a SASE and I got it sent back saying not in log. Also wrote on the dollar, Put it back were the sun don't shine and keept my stamp.

Note from K4HB    [13 Mar 2006]

To see the nasty note he sends and read what others have to say about this op at eham, copy and paste the link below.


Note from W6KY    [19 Feb 2006]

If you work TG9NX, forget the QSL. N4FKZ is just a corrupt extension of the TG economy. Also received an insulting note in my SASE, minus my green stamp. BEWARE!

Note from K4KAL    [09 Dec 2005]

I received a insulting note back from N4FKZ today using my SASE. This is another example of DX Stations wanting QSL's for $'s. TG9NX can shove his QSL Card!.

Note from W3SB    [14 May 2004]

N4FKZ is a mail drop. The QSLs are bundled and sent to TG9NX via a secure route and returned via the same route to the US. An SASE with US postage does not cover the cost of the process and will not result in a QSL. A GS is preferred.

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