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Venice Isles

IOTA: EU131     IIA: VE-16     WW Loc.: JN65FL     Wais: BK35     Status: Owned by the Franciscan Fathers

Various religious orders lived on the isle until 1806 when, further to the dissolution ordered by Napoleon I, it became a military depot. The monks had to find shelter in Venice in San Bonaventura's monastery. The Austrians turned the isle into a war placing, with cannons and a powder-magazine.

From our posting, facing south-west, we can see Sant'Erasmo and these slightly protruding grassy islets, a common view throughout the lagoon, especially on the northern side. They are called "barene".

We would especially want to thank Father Sergio for his availability and hospitality...and for his excellent coffee.

The isle of San Francesco del Deserto (also called Isle of the Desert) has a surface of 2 hectares and lies on the Northern Lagoon, between Burano (ve-10) and the Isle of Sant'Erasmo (ve-15). It is owned by the monastic order of the Franciscan Fathers, who have been taking great care of it, making it a peaceful, serene oasis.

In 1858, after 52 years, the Franciscan fathers returned onto the isle. As you can see in the picture on your left, the ground is rich with vegetation, mainly cypresses. Among them stands out the monastery, a peaceful retreat not only for the monks but also for those worshippers wanting to find a secluded place where to pray.

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